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Serimax provides high quality automatic and manual welding services for the offshore market inclusive of pipeline installation, spoolbases, multi/double joint and sub-sea fabrication. Our solutions encompass the right equipment, skilled personnel, and project management; the appropriate procedures and maintenance support, and the most robust qualification processes - delivering repair rates consistently lower than industry averages of less than 2%.














TVC offers monitoring, logging and calibration solutions that provide invaluable benefits to our customers. We meet with the most demanding NDT-related requirements on every level. TVC products and services are the epitome of reliability. The quality, effeciency and absolute reliability of our equipment, customer service and delivery are of paramount importance to us.




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At Civilpro our Welder and Generator Hire and Sales provides you with an extensive fleet of gererators and a large range of welders. We have a strong commitment to our customers, extensive industry knowledge, and quality products. Civilpro has extensive experience working in the Oil and Gas Industry. Handling all the extreme weather conditions that Australia has to offer, Civilpro has a range of plant equipment to supply the Pipeline Industry throughout Australia.






































































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